We are a group of creatives who were searching for a certain 'Goldilocks' aesthetic downtown that was just right. 

When we were invited to the 804 building by the owners and building manager to use the space as a creative space– we were excited – but weren't exactly expecting (or prepared for) what we found there.

Once we stepped through the rugged fireproof door we found large, sectioned windows generously splashing natural light throughout the space. A few steps further in – the original thick concrete floor poured in the early 1900's began reminding us of the building's industrial heritage, while repeating pillars creating strong beautiful lines on the entire floor leaving shadows that lead our eyes directly to the charming brick walls

We instantly fell in love with the openness and rawness of the space, and vigorously suggested to the building manager and owners to make the space available for rent for regular use for people looking for the same thing we were...


...and– here we are! Come create with us!